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Caught up

I caught up with my homework! The projects in the class center around model rockets - a topic that is both interesting to me and fun. Only a few people in the class have turned in stuff so far, even though it was due by 4. So I'm not worried that 2 of the 5 assignments got in by 6 instead of 4.

Now I can actually do the cleaning I was planning on today.

Not that the computer was the only craziness of the day. Z is determined that he has to go the emergency room on a monthly basis. (We kind of need to get it through his 4-year-old head that "No, he doesn't.") Z was climbing his chest of drawers and fell really hard, landing on his face. He landed just this side of hurt but not horribly. His face is all swollen and hurting. He almost, but didn't, break his nose and cheek and get a concussion. Instead he got a case of road burn so extreme that it'll probably take six months to heal and he should avoid the sun. I babysat T (the 6-year-old) while Sa was at the Emergency Room with Z. T didn't quite understand that I really had to do my homework and I spent quite a bit of time getting him to clean up his mess and quiet down.
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