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Lost and Wandering
My computer is a piece of crap 
19th-Nov-2005 12:08 am
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My computer died. Again. It was in the shop for more than a month in July of this year. Then I zapped the multimedia drive and that zapped the motherboard. They ended up wiping the hard drive to clean it up. Tonight, the system locked up. I went to reset the system and it never turned back on.

My secondary computer is ancient and slow and most likely also infected with a virus. It also refused to connect to my cable modem - and I can't find the driver CD. I told my brother that I would wipe the hard drive and give it to him since his died. I also have an ancient laptop that runs Win95 that I use for word processing. But it doesn't even have a regular modem, much less the ability to connect to cable - which is the only internet that I have.

So I ended up running to the store and getting a cheap Toshiba laptop to get me through this class and to use as a back up. I really like my dead computer (when it works). But apparently I have to have a backup to get me through classes. My classes from now until March are all online, so not having a computer that can connect to the internet is a complete non-starter.

What a wonderful way to start the weekend. Argh!
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