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Where'd November go?

It's been awhile since I've last put an entry up. Been a hectic month.

We had game night at my parents' house this month. My grandmother visited us during that time as well. My
grandmother needs glasses that actually work properly. She also needs some self-confidence, but I don't
know how to help her there. Game night went well. My brother brought his daughter as normal for game
night. L is growing so fast! She's adorable though. Unfortunately, she was ill, so F had to leave early.
She threw up a couple times and we ended up dressing in some of my mother's old t-shirts. We tied the hem
in a knot...a very 80's look, but it let her keep her mobility. My friend, Sa is going to give me some of
her sons' old castoffs that no longer fit, so I can keep an emergency change of clothes on hand for her.

That day I also discovered that I have the best neighbor. On the third of November we had horrific winds
(80+ mph gusts) and a 40-foot section of my fence blew down. The sections of fence that went down were one they have a hard time seeing and I didn't get to tell them about it until the night before game night. They were
going on vacation that Saturday. Well, bright and early, M comes over to look at the fence, asks for
access to my yard and my permission to cut down some trees that were right next to the fence (Siberian
Elms, so they were weeds anyway). I had to leave for game night after that. I came home from game night to
discover that before M and J went on vacation, they stabilized the fence (fairly sturdy) and plan to
replace it in the spring, cut down the tree blocking the fence, a tree that was heavily damaged in
October, a tiny tree right next to it that was growing through a cinder block and the tree that sprouts
and strangles my gas meter. He also neatly gathered and stacked all of the tree limbs for me and put them
with others I have to break down. And finally, he collected all of the cinder blocks and landscaping bricks
that were beneath the trees and added them to a wall I've built of extra bricks I've found. That was way
above and beyond any expectations I had of my neighbors!

The next day, we discovered that Sa's younger boy picked up lice at the daycare. We discovered it at my house where he spends a bunch of time. Sa left to get stuff to treat lice and I began to clean everything. My head still phantom itches thinking about it.

I was ill most of last week, but managed to finish my term paper and exam for Software Design. This class had the slight annoyance of having only two graded items and both were due on the last day of class. No room to screw up. I'm a fairly weak presenter, but a fairly strong writer. I had the weakest presentation in the entire class, but apparently had a strong paper. The class average for the exam was 88 and for the paper was 89, giving the class an overall B average. I got 95 on the paper and 96 on the final - for an A in the class! I screwed up notation on a state machine. The class in general was a BIG review for me, I've taken classes in Software Design twice in school now, once as an informal work presentation and once as a formal week-long class that work sent me to. So I generally know Software Design. And oddly enough, I know State machines even better having had them in an additional two classes. So I'll attribute the lost points to being ill.

Two more classes left for my Master's of computer Science - Software Engineering. Right now I'm taking Project Management II - not required for this master's but the next one I plan to get (it requires only an additional 5 courses to get the second one, might as well go for it). I should finish Software Engineering in March and the Computer Engineering Masters next November. Then, no more school for me. I have four assignments due Saturday and the class only started two days ago.
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