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Lost and Wandering
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This week's challenge for I am the Diva is to create a zentangle using the All Boxed Up tangle.

Once upon a time, drawing straight lines was easy for me. My hands were a bit shaky here. My major mess ups actually contributed a lot to this tile. I colored over them in black and then drew on top with a gelly roll pen. I think it did an amazing thing for the dark/light balance that I often struggle with. The checkerboard patterning from Knightsbridge felt like a very natural way to tie things together.

There is no shading at all on this tile. Most of the time it helps, I think it may have detracted from the overall here had I used it.

3rd-Jun-2015 09:28 pm - Learning Rain
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The Square One tangle focus this week was Rain. I think it looks more like lightning. Zentangles are not supposed to be a recognizable picture, but I did go for a representation picture and really like how it turned out. Scrawlz (the leafy line along the top) was new as well. That was fun to draw.

3rd-Jun-2015 09:25 pm - It's a String Thing #94
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The challenge this week for It's a String Thing #94 was to use TanglePatterns String 94 with the tangles Wist, Jasmin, Sooflower, and Fleri.

I'm not happy with the dark/light balance of this tile. I think the dark band of fleuri is throwing things off. I love how my wist (the middle band of the tile) came out, though. Overall it is a very Springy, happy tile.

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Day 7 of One Zentangle A Day was about using tangleations: taking known tangles and adding your own spin. Varying degrees of success with these two tiles. I do like the rounded shattuck (show in both, left side).
Day 7 TilesCollapse )

Day 8 was learning Purk (the ones that looks like an Easter egg), Vega (the criss-crossed tube). This coincided with the Square One challenge of the week to use Purk. I really like how this tile came out.
28th-May-2015 09:47 pm - I am the Diva's Weekly Challenge #219
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This week's challenge for I am the Diva is to create a tile using on straight lines.

I tried for some illusion of movement using Paradox. Added a heavily modified knightsbridge and a standard nekton. I experimented with betweed and jemz to get them to be straight lined and fit in the triangle spaces and am pleased how they came out.

I added a little boarder of sawteeth in lieu of my original idea outlining paradox with pearlz, as those most definitely are not angular!

I tried to keep even my shading angular, but that didn't quite happen.
20th-May-2015 10:13 pm - It's a String Thing #93
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The challenge this week for It's a String Thing #93 was to use TanglePatterns String 93 with the tangles 4MOM, Gottago, and JJ.

String 93 is all curvy lines (kind of reminds me of an elephant head actually). The tangles are mostly angular and gridded. Normally the string and tangles have something in common that gives me a starting point. This week I wasn't sure where to start. As two of the patterns were both gridded, I played around with scale, something I have a hard time doing. Gottago looks great on a small scale. I did, however, underestimate how many tiny little lines there were in it! :) 4MOM was the easiest to warp and therefore made a good top border. Individuals JJs look great strung in the open spaces left.

Super pleased with the final. I wasn't sure I would get something to come together that wasn't chaotic. (The less chaotic they are, the more relaxed I am on finishing them.)

20th-May-2015 09:40 pm - I am the Diva's Weekly Challenge #218
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This week's challenge for I am the Diva is to create a white on black zentangle.

I played around with Cadent at varying scales, because I want to get out of my comfort zone of small stroke size. The Sakura gelly roll pens have a thicker tip than my black pens, so I ended up at a tad smaller than the pen could manage. I added something called Angelfish because it has the same lines as cadent, and then I added fescu, because I'm beginning to love the little antenna streamers.

This is my first time doing white on black. Shading here was a challenge, I really didn't know what to do. Shading and accents were done with a white Prismacolor pencil.

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Day 5 of One Zentangle A Day introduced printemps (the spirals) and isochor (the parallel lines). Mixed them with Fescu and Knightbridge. Kind of looks like an alien underwater scene. I like this one a lot, though learning isochor took a while. It's more free form than I am.


The second exercise for Day 5 was to make an Artist Trading Card size Zentangle. Regular tiles are 3.5" x 3.5", ATCs are 3.5" x 2.5".

This one kind of reminds me of a bug. I was in a loopy kind of day, so there is some underlying similarities in the strings used. Used Knightsbridge (I love that particular checkerboard), Fescu (love the little antennae), Crescent Moon, Tipple, Hollibaugh, and Pokeroot.

Day 6 introduced Mooka, Amaze (which I call stipple in free motion quilting, though stipple means something completely else in drawing), and Flux. The flux kind of looks fern like here, and the mooka is almost a heart. Add tipple (the mini circles) and fescu for more flavor. I like this one, because my string and patterns worked well together.


One more day left in week one of the book. It focuses on modifying patterns you know into similar designs. I've already done some of that, I just have put pen to paper. :)
16th-May-2015 11:58 pm - Learning Zinger
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A Zentangle done to learn Zinger (right). Paired it with Slalom (left), Fescu (bottom), CO2 (top), and 'NZeppel (middle).

Probably my lightest feeling tangle to date. :)

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Still working on tiles for days six and seven, but I did experiment with the tangles from those days and with all of the tangles presented so far in the book to create a Zentangle Inspired Art piece on this Flycatcher template by Ben Kwok (Bioworx.com). Very interesting to see all of the patterns come together!


(My scanner tilted it automatically. The text along the bottom is actually parallel with the bottom of the page.)
13th-May-2015 10:29 pm - It's a String Thing #92
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May 12th was a free cone day at Häagen-Dazs shops and to celebrate Adele Bruno at Tickled To Tangle themed this week's It's a String Thing (#92) with sweet sounding tangles: Butter, Cayke, Chocobox, and Kandy Ribnz.

All of these tangle were new to me. I tried this challenge twice. I was unhappy with my first tangle, as it felt crowded, chaotic and flat. I was too same in scale size. I like my second version much better.

Chocobox reminds me a double cartoon dinosaur head. It was fun to do - there are couple black sheep chocoboxes who wanted to start life as figure 8s. I stumbled upon a very minimal version of it while learning it that I really like. I also had no idea that my Cayke tangle took on a life of it's own until I started looking up how to shade it when I completed the second tile.

There i something very airy and floating about this Zentangle. And I felt happy at the end, so I guess it was good medicine.

The happy version:

And the chaotic version:
12th-May-2015 12:04 am - I am the Diva's Weekly Challenge #217
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This week's challen for I am the Diva is to create a duo tangle using Dex and Bunzo in celebration of her 35th birthday. (Happy birthday, thank you for the challenge!)

While my Dex isn't the neatest (the boxes in the background), I found that pattern much easier than Bunzo (the organic stacked parentheses). My engineering brain prefers order and logic to organic design, and I am having the most trouble with the more organic patterns. My Bunzo feels a bit more linear than others that I have seen, a fingerprint or signature if you will.

Additionally, I am noticing a couple of other signatures in my Zentangles - I have a very small comfort zone of stroke size. I prefer my strokes to be similar in length to what I would use when handwriting (my handwriting is very regular and the same size when I am on lined paper or not). This is leading to a more dense finished tile. I still benefit from the meditative state when I draw them, but I fell that my composition is not as pleasing as it could be. Looking back through my tiles, I have a very regular size for patterns with repeating strokes. I have a very instinctive and consistent 1/16" line spacing in most of my tiles.(It's even present in today's, the dark box in the center of Dex is a sixteenth of an inch from the edge of each box, with minor variations here and there and the bunzo lines are close to that in their centers as well.)

The other signature that I am seeing is something I cannot verbalize, but I can see a mental tie that says, yes, these two pieces were done by the same person. Kind of the way a graphologist could figure out if the same person was the author of two different handwritten items.

Am definitely learning and relaxing with this.

My shading in this is a bit odd. I think I may have shaded the foreground as if it was lit from the lower front, while I shaded the background as lit from the top. Still need to work on that light and shadow thing. :)

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Last week was crazy weather here in Colorado. And it shows in the tangles I did.

Day 2 of One Zentangle A Day introduced Knightsbridge (the checkerboard), fescu (the little hairy pattern) and nekton (the cross-hatch). Nekton was a challenge, but I loved knightsbridge and fescu. This tile turned out a bit flat because I have so many lines that are so close together. I mixed those three patterns with previously used tipple, static, and crescent moon. I may have gone overboard on the tipple (leaving the centers of the side 'leaves' empty probably would have been very striking. I'm blaming the overuse of tipple on the overdose of hail that we got. (The day I tangled this, 4+ inches of hail fell in a 45 minute period. The weather was crazy!))
String: Crossed figure 8s
Tangles: Crescent Moon, Fescu, Knightsbridge, Nekton, Static, Tipple
Materials: Uniball Vision Needle Micro, 4B pencil, recycled 60# sketch paper

Day 3's string was a couple rain drops that I drew. Strings and tangles are supposed to be non representational, but using this as a meditative device, I've decided that rule can be bent if I need to work out some thoughts. And this entire Zentangle is really imagery of how I was feeling after six days of rain. (We've had more than double our May average precipitation so far this May, and we had that in about three days.) The tangles introduced on this day were hollibaugh (pattern that looks like pickup sticks), festune (looks like tires), and pokeroot (looks like mushrooms). I combined these new tangles with knightbridge, nekton, and fescu. And have an image where the sun is blotted out in the upper left, rain is falling on a pile of life preservers, and weeds and mushrooms are growing in the sodden ground.
String: Raindrop pair
Tangles: Fescu, Festune, Hollibaugh, Knightsbridge, Nekton, Pokeroot
Materials: Uniball Vision Needle Micro, 4B pencil, recycled 60# sketch paper

Day 4 has two images. The first one practices new tangles and the second is a shading exercise.

The new tangles for this day were Jonqual (a more 3D version of knightsbridge), Shattuck (strands woven together between posts), and Nipa (kind of bubbles rising through waves). The weather for Mother's Day (the day I did this Zentangle) changed from Thursday's hail and Friday's (and the rest of the week really) to snow, which affected my string again. This time it was a hexagon with opposite corners connected. I didn't actually mean to put knightsbridge in this tangle, but it was a more automatic motion for me than the jagged lines of jonqual. My attempts to morph into Jonqual were only successful in one try. Zentangle theoretically has no errors, but they said nothing about coloring over your attempts and patterning with white pen. :) So that's what I did with the other two. It looks slightly off that one is different, but I'm happy with the eventual effect. The gelly roll pen is picky about going over areas multiple times, so I filled in some spots with a white pastel pencil.

String: Hexagon with opposing corners connected
Tangles: Jonqual, Knightbridge, Nipa, Shattuck, Aura'd negative space.
Materials: Uniball Vision Needle Micro, 4B pencil, Sakura Gelly roll pen, Derwent pastel pen, recycled 60# sketch paper

For the shading exercise, I picked Festure, Nipa, Pokeroot and Shattuck. This exercise had us draw a Zentangle with four patterns of our choosing, then chose the light source and shade accordingly. I had a fairly hard time actually picturing the effect of light and shadows with this one. The light is supposed to be coming from the upper left.
String: Cockeyed T
Tangles: Festure, Nipa, Pokeroot and Shattuck.
Materials: Pilot Precise V5 Rolling Ball pen, 4B pencil, recycled 60# sketch paper
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This week's challenge from I am the Diva was to use 'Brella by Bunny Wright, CZT. As the challenge was issued on 4 May, nods to Star Wars were encouraged.

Star Wars didn't make it into my Zentangle today and it is a bit chaotic. But, that chaos is kind of reflective of my state of mind. I like how the Fandango across the top came out, and the nest 'Brella in the center. My string lead parts of my design, but in the end, several tangles overwrote the idea of the string. (It was a crossed Z.)


String: Fancy crossed Z
Tangles: 'Brella, Mooka, Flutterbud, Opus, DL Sunray, Fandango, Fans
Materials: Uniball Vision Needle Micro, 4B pencil, recycled 60# sketch paper
6th-May-2015 11:00 pm - It's a String Thing #91
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Entry for Tickled to Tangle's Tuesday Challenge: It's a String Thing #91

Guidelines were to use Tickled to Tangle's string based on the Roman Numeral V and the tangles: Zin, 2-N-5, and Vano.

I love how this came out. I keep the shading very blocky and minimal to highlight the near art-decoish look of the tile. When I was creating this, I had it upside down from how I scanned it. But I felt the way I scanned it has a better balanced feeling.


String: Adele Bruno's Roman Numeral V string
Tangles: 2-N-5, Vano, Zin
Materials: Uniball Vision Needle Micro, 4B pencil, recycled 60# sketch paper
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When not looking for challenges, I'm working through the book, One Zentangle a Day, by Beckah Krahula. The Day 1 Tile:

Create a Zentangle using Static, Tipple and Crescent Moon.


String: TanglePatterns.com String #5
Tangles: Static, Tipple, Crescent Moon
Materials: Uniball Vision Needle Micro, 4B pencil, Sakura Gelly Roll White pen, recycled 60# sketch paper

My shading needs work, but am happy with the composition.
1st-May-2015 10:44 pm - It's a String Thing #90
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Entry for Tickled to Tangle's Tuesday Challenge: It's a String Thing #90

Guidelines were to use Tanglepatterns.com String #90 and the tangles: Garlic Cloves, Laced and Lanie.

Kind of lost the plan in the lower left, but happy with the rest of it.


String: Tanglepatterns.com String #90
Tangles: Garlic Cloves, Laced, Lanie
Materials: Uniball Vision Needle Micro, 4B pencil, recycled 60# sketch paper
30th-Apr-2015 10:02 pm - Early Zentangles
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My earliest Zentangles where I was still getting a handle on composition and value.

26 April:
String: non specific
Tangles: All About V, Fescu, Knightbridge, 'Nzeppel, Triangles, Tropicana
Materials: Ball point, recycled 60# sketch paper

26 April:
String: rough Z
Tangles: Bales, Betweed, Paradox (well, an attempt), Screen, Sparkle, Xyp
Materials: Dip pen, recycled 60# sketch paper

27 April:
String: Tanglepatterns.com String #149
Tangles: All About V, Camelia, Chimes, Droplets, Flux, Hepmee, Pegs, Planateen
Materials: Ball point, recycled 60# sketch paper

29 April:
String: Tanglepatterns.com String #135 (modified)
Tangles: Beeline, Boomerangs, Flicle, Ix, Kuke, Phen, Screen
Materials: Uniball Vision Needle Micro, 4B pencil, recycled 60# sketch paper
28th-Apr-2015 11:51 pm - Learning to Tangle
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Ran across Zentangle through a friend and decided to give it a shot. Needing some direction, I tried I am the Diva's most weekly challenge: #215 Labyrinth.

I drew the labyrinth in as a string and then allowed it to fade to the background as I filled in the spaces around it, picking new tangles each layer out from the center. My labyrinth was a bit off center, so follow the river path to it.

I'm still very new at this, so there's no shading, and I haven't quite worked out a line density that I like yet. But overall, I love the result of this.


Tangles used: Kuke, Flux, Tri-Po, Half Onion, 'Nzeppel, River, Tipple, Fescu, and Hepmee.
19th-Jun-2011 01:07 am - Rascal
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I know, I never update. I never feel like I have anything of substance to say. So the first update in a year is of a new kitty!

His current name is Rascal. Rascal is the name he came with and I can't think of a good Hallowe'en name for him, so Rascal he'll probably remain. I'm told he was named for his personality. (With the exception of Spook, I know lots about each litter of all of my pets, and I've picked the troublemaker in each litter...there's just something about them that draws me, even from pictures. :) )

And speaking of pictures, here are a few of him:


More under cutCollapse )

His reception went almost as I predicted. Boo hissed at him and hid. Spook hissed/growled and then had a 15 minute staring match. Winter cried and barked inconsolably for an hour (during which he got 4 bloody noses and a bloody tongue (and that's with being held back), ate a bowl of kitten chow, and brought 3 cat toys out of the bathroom (where Rascal will live until I trust everyone enough for him to be loose without supervision) for Rascal - though Rascal wants nothing to do with the loud, drool-y, overly-excited dog, can't say I blame him). I finally crated him in the basement.And he and Summ sniffed noses through her crate and the baby gate, before she took off for the bathroom (accidentally stepping on him in the process) and stuffed as many toys of his in her mouth as she could (6) and made a beeline for outside. (My prediction was that he'd get a cold reception from Spook and Boo, an overly enthusiastic reception from Winter, and a predatory reaction from Summ. I'm pleased to be wrong on that last account, though still no unsupervised interaction.)

My neighborhood had its big yard sale today, and Rascal was quite content to be carried (on leash) around to all of the different yard and get pets from about 20 different people. Only stopped purring once, and that was when a loud dump truck barreled down the street. And he was just as good in PetsMart. Just sweet, attached to my clothes with his claws, and purring away. He was nervous, but well behaved.

He's big for 12 weeks. My friend, M, who rescued their mother a few weeks before the litter was born, was at the vet with me (in fact, that's where we did the ownership transfer, because he had to test negative for FIV/FeLV for me to consider keeping him), and my vet kept asking if M was sure on their birth date, because he's already 4.3 pounds and maturity-wise is closer to 16 weeks, but M is sure of their birthday, as they were born while she was a her mother's birthday party. I'm happy about that, because his size makes him less fragile and less vulnerable to damage from the dogs. His paws are bigger than Boo's, so I get the feeling he's going to be one big cat.
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